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Sen as depicted in an early character design.
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Knite: Chapter One

Sen Zheng[citation needed] is the main protagonist of the Knite comics.[1][2][3]


Sen was born and raised in an unmentioned city in China, where pollution ran rampant and smog blocked the stars from the sky.[1] His mother left him when he was five,[1] and he now lives with his father and stepmother.[3]
Young Sen

Sen as a young child.


Sen's mother left him with his father at an early age,[1] and he currently lives with his father and stepmother.[3] He flew his kites alone until one day he caught the attention of two girls named Ling and Fei. They insisted on helping him, and together, they became the Knite Fliers.[1][2] Lee Jin-Kai tracked down and introduced himself to Sen one day on the school's roof,[1] and though their relationship started off shaky, the two boys became great friends.

Physical appearanceEdit

Sen appears to be a pale skinned, black haired boy of average height  (though he seems to be shorter then the other characters). He most often wears a red shirt with a Chinese character (生) printed on the back.[1][2][3]

His creator states that Sen's height is five feet and three inches.[4]


Sen is the easily angered type. People, like his friend Kai, can quickly get on his nerves, and when they do he tends to speak with actions instead of words.[5] He has been called a dreamer and an idealist,[2] as he was set apart by being the first to fly kites with strings of lights attatched resembling stars in the sky.

Role in comicEdit

Sen first appeared in the first chapter of Knite. Below is his role from chapter one onwards.

Chapter oneEdit

Sen is shown on the rooftop singing a nursery tune called "Little Swallow" when Lee Jin-Kai comes along. He says that he hasn't heard that particular rhyme in years. When Sen asks him what he wants, Kai just says that he is a spectator and wants to give him a little letter from one of the biggest fans, Kai's little sister Min. The letter is shown to contain money. Sen, who is a lone wolf, asks where he got the money.


Sen preparing to release his Swallow Kite.

Kai shrugs and says that he is a son of a politician. Sen, who dislikes politicians, attempts to push the money back when Kai tells Sen that he is doing this for Min. Sen then smirks, saying the show is about to begin, before sending the kites up into the sky starting with the swallow. The other Knites then begin to fly up their kites, which are covered in lights, lighting up the sky.

Sen asks Kai how he found him. Kai explains that he asked around and someone told him to look for the "flier of the swallow kite." Kai asks Sen if he bothers to go to school, to which Sen replies that he skips school. When Kai mentions his parents, Sen gets a bit upset, saying that his father doesn't have any expections from him. Then Kai asks him about his mother, he just says that his mother left him when he was only five years old for a land with a sky full of stars.

Chapter twoEdit

Chapter 2 begins with Kai waking Sen up from a night's sleep outside. Kai tries to convince Sen to go to school, only to Sen's refusal. Kai and Sen are in the same class, although he comments "[he's] never heard [Sen's] name called for attendance." Sen assumes this is because his teachers gave up after him skipping so many times. Kai tries many more times to convice Sen to go, even offering him ice cream, before finally telling Sen that his father is still paying tutition, ergo still having hope in him.

After arriving late to class with a popsicle, they meet a surprised Ling. At lunch, Kai gives Sen a lunch packed by Min-min 'with ~love~". Sen opens it, and to his surprise, it is full of sweets. Ling, the Class Rep, comes up to talk to the two boys, noting how shocked she was to see Sen at school. Kai reveals that in was in fact, Ling who helped him locate Sen. The trio share Sen's special lunch. Kai asks how Sen formed the Knites.

It is revealed that Ling saw the swallow kite about 2 years ago with Fei. She tracks him down and he is evetually forced to accept Ling's offer because of Fei's intimidation.

Kai finds Sen because he makes a bargain with Ling; she tells him where he is, and he brings him back to school.

Chapter threeEdit

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Chapter fourEdit

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Chapter fiveEdit

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Knite FliersEdit


Sen's swallow kite.

Sen basically founded the Knite Flyer movement with his constant flying of lit-up kites at night. It was through this group that he met Kai, and if it weren't for the Knites, Sen would be virtually friendless.[1][2][3]


Sen's kite is in the shape of a stylized swallow. It seems to be his signature kite, because when Kai was searching for him he was told to find the one who flew "the swallow kite."[1]


  • The character on the back of Sen's uniform is 生 Sheng (Sen) which means life/live.[6]


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