Knite Fliers
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Founding Unknown
Leader(s) Sen[1]
Status Active
Location China
First Appearance Knite: Chapter One
The Knite Fliers are a group of schoolchildren in an unnamed city in China that try to bring the stars back to the skies.[1]


The Knite Fliers began with just one boy, Sen.[1] He spent his nights on the rooftops of buildings, especially his old school, and flew kites with strings of Christmas lights attatched. The contrast of small points of light on the murky night sky created the look of stars. Two resident children, Fei and Ling, took notice of his efforts one night and after three days of searching located Sen and asked if he would like some assitance. Sen turned down their offer, but they flew similar kites the next night with various friends they had cocered into helping them. Thus, after Sen finally accepted thier offer, the Knite Fliers were born.[2]


Sen's swallow kite.


The kites of the Knite Flyer group seem to be homemade, created from light paper and sticks in the shapes of various animals, such as a swallow or goldfish. Strings of Christmas lights are attached to the kite, so when flown in the darkness it appears there are stars in the sky.[1]


Members of the Knite Flyer group are called "Knites." The known members of the Knite Fliers are listed in alphabetical order below.


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