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Knite: Chapter One

Fei is a minor protagonist in the comic Knite.

Physical appearanceEdit

Fei has black hair cut short at the front and sides and gathered in a long tail at the back. She always wears a pair of red glasses. After helping form the Knite Fliers she adopted the red shirt dress for her nights out with the kites.[1][2]

She is depicted to be rather tall, close to Zhen's height in a drawing where Fei and Zhen are drawn with Sen in the middle to make fun of Sen's height.[3]

Role in comicEdit

Fei first appeared in the second chapter of Knite. Below is her role from chapter two onwards.

Chapter twoEdit

She first Appears When Kai asks how Sen started the Knites. Two years ago, Ling was looking at Sen's "stars" and shows Fei them. Fei says that they are not stars, but the "works of a dreamer". Ling mentions that even though they aren't real, they are still beautiful. she does think, however, that the stars look lonely and wish there were more.  Fei then decides to find the creator of the "stars" and discover how it is done. Three days later, they find Sen on the usual rooftop and ask him if he would want help with the "stars". Sen then says they're welcome and tells them to leave. Fei angrily explains that She and Ling were looking for him for three days just to thank him and ask if he wants help and demands that he show respect. Sen says that he doesn't need help and has everything he needs. Fei proceeds to explain that what Sen is trying to do is a fool's errand, and he aone cannot put enough kites in the sky to resemble stars. Sen says he doesn't care, and tell Fei and Ling to leave. Fei promises that Sen will regret his words. The next night, before Sen had put any of his kites, The sky already had "stars" in it. Fei then yells that Sen doesn't need to thank her, as she only did it to "prove Sen wrong". Sen then questions how Fei got so many kites in the sky, and Fei explains that, unlike Sen, she has friends. She says that her offer still stands, and Sen acknowledges that she won, and accepts it.  Fei and Ling then come up with the name Knites.

Chapter threeEdit

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Fei seems to be friends with Ling and Sen. They all fly kites at night together,[2] but not much more is known about her relationships.


  • The character on the back of Fei's uniform is 飞 Fei (Fei) which means fly.[citation needed]


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